Social Media Marketing

We make product and service promotions of brands in accordance with the target by using the most up-to-date social media tools. While we reach large masses with low budgets and increase customer potential and sales, we also contribute to brand awareness. We establish a close relationship with potential customers by making specific targets with details such as interest, age, gender, and region. Starting with robust analysis, we develop a social media strategy and set up campaigns with detailed filters in line with the targets of the brands. By reporting all studies, we share the results of the studies and determine long-term roadmaps accordingly. We create strong social media profiles with supportive efforts.


Backend Development

Backend Web Development includes behind-the-scenes activities that users don't see while taking any action on a website. These activities mostly consist of a cluster that includes databases, background logic, APIs, and servers. Codes written by backend software developers help browsers to communicate with databases, store data in the database, read data from the database, update the data, delete the data from the database and put the data received from the user into logical operations. As Endigitals, we support you with your backend software needs for your business with our experienced team.


Frontend Development

Front-End Web Development includes everything that users visually first see and interact with in their browser or application, mostly created with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies. 

Everything you see on a website, like buttons, links, animations, and more, is created during the front-end web development process.

Therefore, it is the job of the front-end developer to take the vision and design concept from the client and implement it through code. 

Also, since users can visit websites with devices with different screen sizes, front-end web development should ensure that the website looks good on all devices. As Endigitals, we are with you to provide a unique experience to your users who visit your website.


Mobile Development

Mobile Development is software development suitable for Android and IOs devices that have become widespread in today's world, such as phones and tablets. Unlike the web development logic, the aim in mobile development is to provide the user with software that is much more comfortable to use by using the specific features brought by mobile devices. During Mobile Development services, both data operations, API usages and servers and user interface are reflected in the application. The result is a mobile application open to the user. However, Mobile Development is divided into 3 main groups according to the technologies used in theme development: Native Development, Hybrid Development and Web Development. While all types of development have their own advantages, they are all valid in today's technology. Endigitals, on the other hand, provides its customers with fast and convenient mobile applications, suitable for the specific features of mobile devices, with the desired technologies.


Customized CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the name given to the system that allows you to manage your customers' interactions with your company. Different departments of your company are connected to each other in CRM systems. Transactions made in different departments are organized in the background, ensuring that the flow in your company continues uninterruptedly, and it ensures that the tasks are done quickly and accurately. Endigitals organizes your workflows and maximizes efficiency with CRM systems tailored to your needs. In the systems we have prepared specially for you, the performance of your flow is increased by ensuring that the tasks are done correctly and quickly.


UI & UX Design

UI Design is the term that means user interface design. The purpose of UI Design services is to increase the user's interface experience in various ways and to enable the user to do the operations comfortably. Although the user shortens the processing time in the optimized application, it will increase the application satisfaction and frequency of using the application. UX Design, on the other hand, is a design approach based on user experience. UX Design ensures that the user's interaction with the product is maximized and the service offered is easy to receive. Improving UX Design, just like improving UI Design, connects the customer to the product and puts the product ahead of its competitors in the step of performing targeted actions. With our experience shaped under the Endigitals structure, we know how your customers will connect to your product in your web and mobile applications. With our UI and UX Design service, we provide the opportunity for your applications to offer the easiest and most engaging experience to your customers.


Digital Marketing

By evaluating every area accessible via internet connection for advertising and sales strategies, we use all of the strategies that will deliver brands to potential customers and the right audiences quickly and effectively. By following the latest updates and innovations; We make detailed analyses, determine the Strategy and provide the appropriate Campaign Setup. With Detailed Reporting, we interpret the data and present a long-term roadmap to the brands. We use all digital marketing tools such as SEO, SEM, Display Ads, Content Marketing, E-mail marketing, and Display Ads per brand goals. We create long-term collaborations with brands with pinpoint targeting.


Creative & Design

Your target audience is the customers who make up the largest opportunity group for your company. As the Endigitals team, we work to gain more customers than your target audience by using various tools that will introduce your company to the target audience, such as social media, blogs, e-newsletters, brochures or presentation formats. While doing all this, we examine your company's culture, services and structure in detail and tell your target audience why they should choose you. By integrating your promotions in a modern structure, we ensure that your company does not get lost in rapidly changing times, and while we prevent losing your customers, we gain new customers.


SEO Management

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the optimization process to increase the quality and quantity of users coming to your site by search engines. Various tools are used while optimizing. Along with these tools, the flow of the site is as important as the tools used. As Endigitals, we use the latest technologies and methods to increase the quality and quantity of user traffic to your site. We make improvements until we reach the most successful results, never limiting the technologies and methods. We also review your site down to the smallest details, improving the little details that affect search engine results like metadata. In this way, we can easily reach the user who is in search of it.


Corporate Identity

Another marketing factor that is as important as the operation of your company, its advertisements, products and the performance of its products is the image of your company. Your company's image is its public appearance, that is, its external impression. The image of your company can be made reliable with components such as logo, business card, letterhead. Endigitals makes your company look professional and reliable from the outside, with the Corporate Identity service it offers.